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11-Year Old Entrepreneur Opens a Thrift Store in Brooklyn


Meet Obocho Peters, an 11-year old entrepreneur who owns his very own thrift store called Obocho’s Closet in Brooklyn, New York City. He first launched the venture as an online business when he was 10-years old to help low-income families find affordable clothing for their children, but now he has a physical location in the city.

Obocho may be young, but he is very dedicated to the cause of helping others. To bring his idea to life, he successfully managed to raise more than $9,000 via crowdfunding on his GoFundMe page. That alone was a huge accomplishment!

 During a recent interview with Fox 5 NYC, he commented, “It makes me feel like the hard work I’ve been doing in the community… it finally paid off. I want to tell [other children] to never give up on their dreams, and always go for their goals and always do what they’ve always wanted to do and never give up.”

 Obocho, who only sells clothing items for $10 or less, says he plans to use part of his profits to help fund financial literacy workshops that will be held several times during the year right at his store. He also hopes to open more thrift store locations soon.

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