2020 Is here… Time to face the reality!


The excitement of shouting Happy New Year is slowly dying down. Like stepping on the emergency brakes, the holiday season is abruptly coming to a halt.

Well, its 2020, and know what? Nothing has changed. Totally. Same old job, same old friends, same old habits, same old house. Perhaps same everything.

We have taken vows to change, to leave the old things with 2019, move on with new friends, new ideologies, new habits, new…whatever. But wake up to reality.

Time is a linear factor. My physics and engineering classes taught me that time is not a cycle – despite the repetitive nature of days, months, years, decades centuries; and despite the rising and setting of the sun and moon.

Wake up to reality, that every ticking second is time past, never to be recovered. Every minute is a chance to achieve those goals in your life. Every day is a blessing to keep walking towards your destiny. Every week is a reminder that we are no longer where we were some days ago. Every month and year is a reminder that the ticking clock is waiting for no one.

Wake up. Step out. Walk confidently alongside time. Let every second count. Don’t wait for another year.

The time for that highly desired achievement is now. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Mutevu Steve

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