Meet the 20-Year Old Entrepreneur Behind the Most Innovative Drone Technology

Meet the 20-Year Old Entrepreneur Behind the Most Innovative Drone Technology

David Opateyibo is merely 20-years old but is already making international headlines for his ability to build and develop his very own drones.

Born and raised in Nigeria, as a youth, David was always hooked into technology and, more specifically, aircraft. He began creating airplanes from paper, cardboard, and other readily available materials. This led him to enroll within the International College of Aeronautics, Lagos Nigeria, for aircraft building technology (ABT) within the year 2015.

He was so advanced that he was also invited to become a teacher while still studying.

In the year 2017, David was recognized for building a drone from scratch and presenting it to the State governor at that point.

Later, he obtained his remote pilot license (RPL) at the age of 19 within us of America under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and has become a lively member of the Nigeria Unmanned Systems and Robotics Association (NUSA).

In 2018, after completing a two-year diploma in Applied Aviation Science, he led a team of 5 students of the International College of Aeronautics in building an all-metal 2 seat airplane: the Zenith CH 750 Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) at the Zenith Aircraft Building Company in Missouri.

A real entrepreneur

Nowadays, David is working as a freelancer for various organizations to supply top-notch drone services and products.

He believes that drone technology is where the longer-term lies because drones are getting used to holding out tasks that previously only operated aircraft were known to try to – starting from military to civilian uses.

He comments, “We are within the era of knowledge science, AI (AI) and therefore the internet of things (IoT), and with these, we cannot but fathom what the longer term will bring drones aren’t going anywhere any time soon.”

When David isn’t performing on drones, he spends his time building and flying radio-controlled models for fun, helping students with their robotic projects, playing the keyboard, and providing different digital services like writing sales copies for various business products and niches.


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