Virgin of Montserrat (Black Madonna of Europe) Biography


Of all the numerous aspects of African womanhood, none are fascinating than the many representations of Black Madonnas. Indeed, the Black Madonnas of Europe is perhaps the foremost venerated icons altogether of European Christendom. Their shrines have attracted many devotees. They’re thought to be miracle workers, and their miracle-working powers are derived from their blackness.

In Russia during the nineteenth century, the celebrated Russian General Kutuzov had his army pray before the Black Madonna of Kazan before the historic battle with the Napoleonic army at Borodino. an equivalent Madonna is claimed to possess inspired Rasputin and should now be within us. A minimum of two major paintings of Black Madonnas is on display within the Kremlin in Moscow.

Regarding La Moreneta (the Little Black Lady), the Black Madonna of Montserrat, Spain – quite 1,000 years old and therefore the patroness of the Catalonian region, it’s said: “He isn’t well wed who has not taken his wife to Montserrat.” She is responsible of sexuality and fertility, and presides over weddings and childbirth. Within the mountains north of Barcelona, La Moreneta’s shrine has attracted many visitors, including pope John Paul II. Both Goethe and Schiller attached great importance to Montserrat.

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