9-Year Old Black Entrepreneur Who Designs Fashion Dresses For Barbie Dolls

Nevaeh Woods
Nevaeh Woods

Nevaeh Woods, a 9-year old aspiring dressmaker from Michigan, recently caught the world’s attention on social media when her doll clothing designs made from home items went viral. She has even caught the eye of Mattel, the significant name toy company that manufactures Barbie.

“When I get older, I would like to be a dressmaker ,” Nevaeh told Click on Detroit.

It looks like the small girl doesn’t need to wait until she grows up to realize her ambition. She design clothes for her Barbie dolls out of anything her hands could get on, like ribbons, old socks, or other home items.

Sha’kvia Woods who is her mother, has always been impressed together with her daughter’s work and encourages her to measure her ambition. She was overwhelmed by the responses she got from a variety of individuals When she started posting her designs online. 

“i took a pictures of them, so I used to be amazed,” Woods said. “I shared it to Facebook, then I got tons of my friends to say to make this public, and once I made it public, it just went vigorous.”

Nevaeh‘s doll clothing designs reached Mattel, who gifted her with a box filled with Barbie dolls that she should make more clothes for her new dolls. She thanked the Mattel and team on an Instagram post wherein she shared the contents of the table with a note from them that read, “Nevaeh! We heard you’re keen on designing clothes, here’s a few new editions to feature to your collection. Always remember, you’ll be anything!”

Mattel‘s sign of approval boosted her confidence. Nevaeh said, “It made me feel special because I’m achieving my ambition to be a dressmaker, and that’s what I want to try. So I am often famous and make stuff and encourage people to follow their dreams.”

Now, she is starting her own business called Sasha Sew Amazing and is functioning closely with the Mattel team to star during a new Barbie advertisement. Some day, she also hopes to make clothing for people and have it featured on runway shows.

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