Black Gods Whitewashed in Recent History

The Brahma Samhita


african krishna
African Krishna

The Brahma Samhita may be a Sanskrit Pancaratra text composed of verses of prayer spoken by Brahma glorifying the supreme Lord Krishna or Govinda at the start of creation.

The lyrics, chapter 5 verse 38, reads: “I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who plays on His transcendental flute. His eyes are like lotus flowers, he’s decorated with peacock plumes, and His natural color resembles the color of a new black cloud. However, His bodily features are more beautiful than many Cupids.”

Chapter 6, verses 1-2, reads: “The Lord was wearing yellow garments and had a blackish complexion.”

The Sanskrit word “Krishna” has the literal meaning “black,” “dark,” or “dark-blue.” Krishna is additionally called “Śyāma,” the blackish one, or the gorgeous dark boy with a blackish color.



white krishna

krishna of modem day



africa Buddha
Africa Buddha

In a two-volume work entitled, “A Book of the Beginnings,” initially published in 1881, author Gerald Massey recorded:

“It isn’t necessary to point out that the primary colonizers of India were black, but the black Buddha of India was certainly imaged within the Africoid type. Within the black [African] god, whether called Buddha or Sut-Nahi, we have a datum. They carry in their color the proof of their origin.”


american buddha

white buddha

anicent buddha



african Imhotep
African Imhotep

The father/god of drugs was deified two thousand years after his death.

James Henry Breasted, an American archaeologist and historian, says of Imhotep:

“In priestly wisdom, in magic, within the formulation of wise proverbs; in medicine and architecture; this remarkable figure of Zoser’s reign left so notable a reputation that his name was never forgotten. The people sang of his proverbs centuries later, and 2,500 years after his death; he had become a god of drugs in whom Greeks, who call him Imouthes, recognized their own Asklepios.”


modem image of Imhotep

white Imhotep

american Imhotep

The Black Madonna


african Black Madonna
African Black Madonna

According to Stephen Benko, author of “Pagan Rome and therefore the Early Christians,” “The Black Madonna is that the ancient earth-goddess converted to Christianity.”

Ivan Van Sertima in “BLACK MADONNAS OF EUROPE: Diffusion of the African Isis” added:

“The Black Madonnas of Europe have a practice which matches back many years before the arrival of Christianity. The African Isis [Aset] was a prototype for the Black Madonnas of Europe. Because the worship of Isis was suppressed, Mary Mary was elevated into the ECU Christendom. The African Isis was worshiped under the name of Mary Mary.”


white Black Madonna

america Black Madonna

modem image of Black Madonna



african image of Heru:Horus

Thomas Inman affirms the Egyptian roots of the Christian trinity in his work, “Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism.”

Inman writes: “The Christian trinity is of Egyptian origin, and is as surely a pagan doctrine because the belief in heaven and hell, the existence of a devil, of archangels, angels, spirits and saints, martyrs and virgins, intercessors in heaven, gods and demigods, and other sorts of faith which deface the greater a part of modern religions.”

Egyptologist Erik Hornung noted in “The Secret Lore of Egypt: Its Impact on the West”: “There was a clear analogy between the Horus [Heru] child and therefore, the baby Jesus and the care they received from their sacred mothers; long before Christianity, Isis [Aset] had borne the epithet’ mother of the god.'”


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