France and 14 African Countries Who Still Pay Tax Colonies Up To Now

Since I can’t sleep, A thread on France and the 14 african countries who still pay tax colonies up to now.

I know we cannot compare colonizers but France as a state continues to the most racist and white supremacist and thriving on colony taxes!

1. In 1958, Guinea decided to get its independence. The Frenchs in Guinea in fury destroyed everything,: schools, hospitals,…saying they are leaving but not leaving behind the benefits of colonization

Sekiu Touré( God bless his soul) resisted and say Guinea chose freedom.

2. Mali decided to join Guinea and freed itself from the french. Modiba Keita who was leading this decolonization was then assassinated by the french.

And Mali chose peace and agreed to pay colonial taxes as an independent state.

3. Togo, afraid of not surviving if the french burned everything. President Olympio chose to pay an annual debt to France as a thank you for the benefits they got from the french colonization

That was the 3rd country to join the list of countries to pay colonial taxes in 1963.

4. Burkina Faso was the 4th country paying colonial taxes since its decolonization. When Sankara became president, he canceled the agreement and cut ties with the french and months later he was killed.

And Blaise Compaoré restored the colonial tax agreements when he took over.

5. Central african republic was the 5th country paying colonial taxes. David Dacko, The president who resisted against that was then killed in 1966

Let’s also not forget Central African republic is still very unsafe with high rates of crimes.

6. Benin was the 6th country to join the colonial taxes wagon. It was after President Hubery Maga was assassinated in 1972 after he refused to bend for the French

News on the streets say that he was killed by his guard who attend a French military school.

7. So what do we mean by colonial taxes?

France forced its former colonies to put 65% of their foreign currency reserves into the French Treasury, plus another 20% for financial liabilities,

Basically these former french colonies are left with 15% of their own resources.

8. Since French former colonies, already poor countries, are left with 15% of their own resources to function, they then go back to France for debts. And the colonizer will give them debts from their own money on commercial rates.


9. It doesn’t only stop to resources. France former colonies are not allowed to get any other partners. France has an exclusive right to supply military equipment

Mostly France former colonies must use the colonial currency which is the CFA.

10. So here is the 14 countries that pay colonial taxes to France up to now:

1. Benin
2. Burkina Faso
3. Senegal
4. Ivory Coast
5. Mali
6. Niger
7. Togo
8. Cameroon
9. Central African republic
10. Guinea Bissau
11. Equatorial Guinea
12. Tchad
13. Congo-Brazaville
14. Gabon

To end my thread, the decolonization of our continent will be much more complex as we sometimes think

But first we must unpack a history of realities very hard to swallow : everyone wants a piece of Africa.

Credit: Judicaelle

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