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There Is No White-God In Heaven & Black-Devil In Hell – Wake Up Black Man

The idea of heaven and hell is until today, the foremost genius, tricky, and heinous lies that are told to humanity. And its effect is more disastrous in Africa.
The concepts of ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ are pure fabrications, and a tool wont to subdue the consciousness and retaliation of Africans. Heaven and hell are European tools of manipulation. The planet is where all flesh must enjoy a bountiful life or suffer a harsh life. Period!!!

There is no white God is the sky. And there’s no devil in hell. Of course, what quite God would sit within the air and watch the entire world in chaos and do nothing? Doesn’t it surprise you that an equivalent Europeans who brought Africans the story of heaven and hell will arrest you if you dared preached about God within the streets of London?
The same people that brought the Bible and preached the “Vanity” gospel are hell-bent on milking the resources in Africa to complement themselves. Why aren’t they seeing our gold, copper, diamonds, uranium, cobalt, limestone, crude oil, and lots of more, as a vanity?

Why do they cause wars among us, with great care they will sneak in, steal our resources, and make a heaven for themselves here on earth? Why are the churches in Europe being converted to hotels and everyone sort? Where is their desire to be their God in heaven?


The concept of heaven with a white God sitting within the sky, and a black (brown) devil with horns burning in hell, is that the gravest of insults and dehumanization the Black race has faced through European narratives suggests by Christianity and other Abrahamic Religions. It’s a subtle narrative that has been pushed by European Christianity and has ended up being engraved within the mind of Africans.

This image below is one that a lot of African children grew up with under Christian parents. It supposedly narrates the story of angel Michael and Lucifer within the Bible. Unknowingly, the African child and shallow adult are meant to believe that the angels of God are white, which the devil is black (brown) and appears just like the African man. This picture portrays that Africans are wrong, and justifies the cruel treatment we’ve gotten from the surface world who look as if “God and his angels.” How convenient.

Before the approaching of the missionaries, many African tribes and cultures never believed during a “hellfire” where sinners or offenders would follow they die and burn for eternity. The thought of it had been so absurd that one would be taken for a drunk or mad person if he/she said such.

Africans believed in reincarnation because the only possible way for one to exit and re-enter this mortal reality. Many tribes believed that when an individual died, the soul/spirit will return through a newborn child therein, nuclear or relatives.

In many tribes, like the Igbo tribe of Nigeria, when a toddler was born, divination was done to get which of the ancestors was returning through the kid. Some times it had been an ancestor from the father’s side of the family, and at other times, it had been an ancestor from the mother’s side of the family.

On many occasions, the family tries to spot the kid by birthmarks, and statements a toddler makes when it becomes ready to speak. Repeatedly, the kid may be a complete replica of a dead relative. And therefore, the child’s parents and living relatives can’t help but name the kid after the deceased relative. This is often how most African traditions and cultures viewed life and death.
There was a robust belief that whatever sins one committed and died, he would come to the planet to form amends. If one lived a nasty life here on earth, he/she could come and be punished for it. Sometimes, he/she might come as an animal or a tree.

This was the overall belief in most African tribes, and it’s so until date. Many of such tribes are, Akamba (Kenya), Akan (Ghana), Lango (Uganda), Luo (Zambia), Ndebele (Zimbabwe), Sebei (Uganda), Yoruba (Nigeria), Shona (Zimbabwe), Nupe (Nigeria), Illa (Zambia), and lots of others.

There are, of course, different interpretations and understanding of the processes of reincarnation. A number of these tribes believe a “partial” reincarnation of an ancestor in one or several individuals strictly within an equivalent family. In contrast, others think that it’s an endless cycle of rebirth.

Reincarnation is understood in many names throughout the varied tribes: amongst the Yorubas of Nigeria, rebirth is mentioned in various ways, including Yiya omo, translated because the “shooting forth of a branch” or “turning to be child,” and A-tun-wa, “another coming.”

The Igbo call it “Iyi uwa” or “ino uwa” which suggests “returning to life,” as they believe death is an end to at least one life only and a gateway to a different. Man must be reborn, for reincarnation may be a spiritual necessity.
This was how Africans viewed life and death until Christianity came and corrupted their egalitarian nature and high consciousness.

Since these lies are indoctrinated into the African consciousness, African Christians have surrendered their fate to God, and have allowed the pillaging of their lands by foreigners. They are doing not fight back because they believe God will fight for them. Or they think that the reward for his or her sufferings at the hands of others will grant them passage into heaven. And so, they fold their arms and do nothing. They believe God will punish the oppressor and send the oppressor to hell.

That’s just arrant nonsense!!!

Till today, these beliefs of reincarnation are expressed and practiced in many tribes, albeit they need many them who are Christians or Muslims. And for as long as we Africans survive this earth, deep down, our spiritual entry and exit would be through reincarnation. The Europeans can hold onto their tales of heaven and hell.

Dear African and African Diaspora, free your mind of that fear and enslavement. You’re a god. Neither hell is real. Reincarnation is our way. We must preach it and believe it.

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