VIDEO: Chinese Racist Calls Black Africans “Monsters With Low IQ”

A video has surfaced online during which a Chinese is telling African kids to repeat racist words. The words were written on the blackboard for the youngsters to read aloud.

Translated in English, the words mean, “I am a black monster, with low IQ.” The very fact this was being done to sons and daughters is cruel.

This is happening every week after another Chinese Deng Hailan was charged for caning a Kenyan man Simon Osako, a waiter in Kenya at Chez Wou restaurant, for being late to figure. The worker was allegedly given a choice to ante up for being late or take the beating.

Below you’ll watch the video and translation by Wode Maya
Racist vitriol against Kenyans by the Chinese had found its way into the headlines previously.

In September 2018, Liu Jiaqi, a Chinese man doing business in Kenya, called Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta a monkey during a video filmed by a coworker.

He was arrested and deported after his racist remarks were shared widely on social media.

“Everyone, every Kenyan… sort of a monkey, even [Kenyan President] Uhuru Kenyatta. All of them,” the video depicts him saying.

There are different cases where some Chinese people were reported misbehaving in Africa, but this level of exploiting African kids and insulting the whole black community is poisonous and unacceptable. Active measures need to be taken to affect this type of behavior.

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