How a Human Body Parts Farm was Discovered, Men, Women, and Children Locked in Small Cages in Libya

As reported by, the troops of Libyan-American warlord Marchal Khalifa Haftar released recently quite 2,500 Black African men, women, children, and babies from a person’s body parts farm.

This source reported that each one of these humans was locked in small cages, limiting their movements like wild beasts. They were beat a nasty state, and a few had no eyes, and everyone bore stigmata of gross surgery.

According to the report, a black marketplace for all types of physical body parts was created in Libya, and this heinous business is booming. A kidney costs as cheap as $ 262,000, the guts cost $ 119,000, and therefore the liver costs $ 157,000.

As reported, Marshal Haftar’s troops found the sum of two billion dollars to take advantage of this appalling place.

Though we were unable to verify this source, the story of Ikuenobe documented by BuzzFeed News shows how slavery is flourishing in Libya, where thousands of black Africans hoping to urge to Europe instead find themselves bought and sold, forced to figure for nothing, and facing torture at the hands of their owners.



Libya has always been the stepping-off point for migrants, but Gaddafi wont to control the numbers of migrants. However, since Gaddafi’s death, migrants routes have opened again.

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