Deaquan Loco Age, Career, Wiki, Networth

The TSM Fortnite competition team is incomplete without Daequan Loco. He is one of the team members who participate in the online game, and His squad includes popular and respected Fortnite players: TSM Myth, Hamlinz, etc. He has many years of experience in competitive gaming. Daequan Loco has become famous for Fortnite gaming in the North American region, and There are credit records in the game. His team is strong enough to participate in major Fortnite online competitions.

TSM now has a full squad for Fortnite: Battle Royal. The player took his place due to his excellent track record and playing history. Daequan is on the roster of players like Black Desert Onlin, Gunz The Duel, etc. His playing experience makes him perfect for the team. He has excellent achievements in online games. Here, take a look at the size, age, and value of the TSM Daequan Loco.

TSM Daequan Loco Wiki

Name: Daequan Loco
Age: NA
Date of birth: NA
Birthplace: United States
Known For: Fortnite Player (Twitch Streamer)
United team: TSM SoloMid
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
American nationality
Ethnics: Black

TSM Daequan Loco Racing Game

The team works well and is impressive on the internet gaming platform. He is part of a group of streamers and plays aggressively in the match. Its configuration is suitable for professional games. He believes TSM is like an organization, and being part of it is impressive. The announcement of its foundation was made on February 4, 2018. The three other players on the team are OPSCT, Camills, and Hamlinz. OPSCT is the game streamer for this team. You will know them soon by watching the latest streaming games on the Twitch platform. Battle Royale (Fortnite) will make it more competitive, and new challenges will emerge at different stages. Expand a network of games that brings all the gems together under one umbrella.

TSM Daequan Loco Height, Weight and Dimensions

Daequan Loco has the great advantage of watching his gaming skills. He is a professional guy for internet gaming. He broke records and took first place in popular games. Daequan Loco is a professional player, a YouTuber, and Twitch streamer. YouTube game videos are also very popular with fans. The guy is active on Instagram, where he posts crazy photos. He has 491,000 subscribers on his account. It will appear in the next moment. Your YouTube account has over a million subscribers.

TSM Daequan Loco Networth

Well, we all know that Daequan Loco earns most of his salary by playing games. His passion follows, and he seeks a good income. His net worth is around 200K. Revenues come from Twitch subscriptions and YouTube content. It also wins big prizes in the game. The more popular the Twitch transmission, the higher the profits and value. Getting money from love work is one of the best things in the world. Daequan Loco loves what it does and entertains viewers.

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