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Iann Dior Age, Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Real name, Girlfriend

Young age is the best time for the creative mind to make the right professional choice. Realizing your passion is the most important thing for success in any field. Rap is an area that requires passion, talent, and dedication. Iann Dior is a young musical artist who only creates rumors on social networks for his incredible songs and videos.

Who is Iann Dior?

Iann Dior is a rapper and musical artist from Texas who made himself famous for songs on YouTube like “Emotions,” “Molly,” and Romance 361. His songs made fans furious, and Iann became a rising star of the Texan public. Read the age, net worth, wiki, biography, and size of rapper Iann Dior.

Iann Dior Wiki

Iann Dior is a Texan rapper from Corpus Christie. He was born on March 25, 1999. The artist is 19 years old, and his real name is Michael Olmo.

Her father’s name is Tommo Olmo, and her mother is Anabelle Olmo.

Iann is from a Puerto Rican ethnic group and found his passion in his musical career.

Iann Dior Height, weight and Real Name

RIGHT NAMEL Michael Olmo
DATE OF BIRTH: March 25, 1999
OLD (2020) 20 years old
Famous Album: I don’t want to fall
American nationality
RACE / ETHNICITY: Puerto Rican
HEIGHT: 5 feet 10 inches
Hair color in black

Iann Dior Networth

Iann Dior is a brand new artist who is going viral on the Internet and YouTube. He has not yet won a tremendous musical career. Now is not a good time to calculate Iann Dior’s net worth.

He acquired around 474,000 followers on Instagram, 30,000 followers on SoundCloud. He is also active on his Instagram profile.

At 19, the boy is incredible in the charts.

An artist Iann Dorr’s net worth is not available in a music career in 2018. His earnings can be thousands of dollars each year.

You have downloaded six songs to your SoundCloud account. His first song has only been released 500 times, while his latest releases will soon exceed millions of hits in a few days.

Iann Dior Songs

Rapper Iann Dorr has released songs on Romance 361, Emotions, etc. His recent rise in YouTube is incredible. His latest song, “I Don’t Want To Fall” works exceptionally well on music streaming sites. The song has millions of views on its YouTube channel. Rapper Nick Mira produced all of his songs.

The details of rapper Iann Dior’s education are not yet known. He didn’t even mention his notes on his wiki profile. You can leave the studio and focus entirely on your music career.

Iann Dior Bride / Dating

The height of Iann Dior is 5 feet 10 inches. The rapper is viral and active on Instagram and is working on the release of his new song soon.

Iann Dior did not share information about his girlfriend and her relationship on Instagram.

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