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Kassi Ashton Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Songs, Net Worth

Today we will also pay tribute to another star from a small town, Kassi Ashton. Kassi Ashton is an extremely excellent singer-songwriter who captures the hearts of the audience with her melodious and joyful voice. Kassi Ashton is one of the most beautiful and impressive stars at the University of Nashville. She is delighted with her recent song California, Missouri, which the young and talented Kassi sang and wrote. Kashi also signed with UMG (Universal Music Group) Nashville, the same song from California, Missouri, in which he describes his hometown. Kassi also caught the attention of other singers, and they sang universities and got a lot of recognition.

Kassi Ashton Age

As we already told you, Kassi Ashton is a pop singer who is becoming very famous today. Kassi Ashton is an American citizen. Born February 3, 1995, in California, Missouri, he is 25 years old. Kassi is a musician, singer, musical artist, and composer. She currently has 2.8 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Kassi Ashton Bio

Real Name Kassi Ashton

Birthday February 3, 1994

Birthplace California, Missouri

Age 25 year

Nationality American

Ethnicity Christian

Occupation Singer, Songwriter, musical artist

Father NA

Mother NA

Married/Wife Not Married

Girlfriend NA

Height 5 feet 6 inches

Net Worth 200$ Thousand USD

Kassi Ashton Career

Kashi Ashton has been involved in music since childhood and has been writing genre songs since she was 15 years old. Information on Kassa’s parents is not available on the Internet. According to CMT News, who reveals about his father, who “Harley Davidson rode a hippie with a little spelling,” he called her Kassi. Said Kassi: “He chose my name, and I love him. Also, he admitted that divorced parents had raised Kassi. There is no information on his brothers.

Education, Family, and Songs

Kassi Ashton graduated from Belmont University School of Music and started his singing career at the age of 15. According to some reports, he has won the fight against thyroid cancer and life-threatening diseases. As previously reported, Kassi signed his song California Missouri with UMG Nashville with the Interscope recordings in January 2018. On February 12, 2019, he also released another song called Violins. In addition to the Violins and California of Missouri, he gave his voice to Taxidermy, Field Party, Pretty Shiny Things. All of the songs and listeners recommended received positive word of mouth.

Kassi Ashton Height, Weight, and Body

Kassi Ashton is 5 feet 6 inches tall, also has adorable brown eyes and light brown hair. He has a fair complexion and a body size of 34, 28, 34. His weight is approximately 63 kg.

Kassi Ashton is gaining a lot of fame in his country, and CMT admires Kassi as being fearless, the Huffington Post gives Kassi “tremendous support for his composition and his presence on stage.” One of the biggest stars is Keith Urban, who praised Kassi as “such a unique and original creature. In addition to singing, Kassi regularly goes to the hospital to cheer on cancer patients because she suffered so much early in life.

Kassi Ashton Instagram

Ashton has good hobbies, such as filming, biking, watching movies in theaters, and beauty contests. He likes to drink wine at parties and other spirits. He is a fan of Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, and Rebe McEntire and Beyonce. In addition to his country, he is also well known on social networks and the Internet. She has an Instagram account and has 27.1 subscribers and is quite active on Instagram and publishes it more often. He has a net worth of $ 200,000.

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