Sodiq Yusuff Wiki, Bio, Age, net worth, Religion, UFC Fight, Salary

Sodiq Yusuff is a fighter under the heel of the UFC. These days, he is in the spotlight for his boxing skills and his victories. Sodiq is a 26-year-old professional UFC fighter led by Lloyd Irvin. He has been in the state title since its inception. The statistics of his fights are also impressive. Sodiq is from Nigeria and has entered a professional struggle to build his career. He is an aggressive fighter. In this article, discover the wiki on Sodiq Yusuff, her husband, his biography, his size, and his net worth.

Who is Sodiq Yusuff?

Sodiq Yusuff was born on May 19, 1993, in Lagos, Nigeria. The boxer is 26 years old. He is of Nigerian-American origin. Sodiq is an MMA fighter who competes in tournaments and competitions to win the title of the season. He has a streak of 5 consecutive wins on his hands. The wrestler is currently ranked 27th best MMA fighter of the pen. The ranking has increased rapidly this year.

Sodiq Yusuff Wiki

Real name: Sodiq Yusuff
Birthday: May 19, 1993
Lagos, Nigeria
Height: 5 ‘9 ″ (175 cm)
Nigerian-American nationality
Age: 26 years
Professional Wrestler (UFC)
NA appointments
Ethnic black
NA children
Relationship: Single
Residence Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Net worth: $ 400,000

Sodiq Yusuff Career, Life, and Meetings

Sodiq Yusuff is a professional fighter. He is 26 years old. He began his career fighting at the UFC as an MMA fighter under Lloyd Irvin. He acquired the skills and talent to showcase his boxing skills. He is also known by the nickname “Super.”

Sodiq Yusuff Girlfriend/Dating

Sodiq Yusuff is not married, but in her personal life, she hangs out with a girl. Sodiq’s girlfriend is called Ashley. She is in an ongoing relationship and is about to get married. Sodiq grew up in a large family and in a polygamous community. Sodiq Yusuff’s mother is Basirat Yusuff.

Sodiq Yusuff Size and Body

Sodiq Yusuff measures 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm, and its weight is unknown. Sodiq worked hard to maintain his body and his body. Sodiq’s father has four wives in his family and many children. Sadiq was one of them. They all lived together as a family.

Sodiq Yusuff’s 2019 net worth

Sodiq Yusuff’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 400,000 in professional wrestling. He is one of the professional boxers in Canada. Sodiq’s salary in June is not announced in 2019. He must have high wages and salaries.

Sodiq Yusuff on Instagram

Sodiq Yusuff is active on all the leading social platforms. She uses Instagram, where she has 38,000 subscribers. Also, post the latest photos to your account. The professional wrestler also uses Twitter to share his ideas and opinions with his fans.

Sodiq Yusuff Religion

The MMA combatant’s mother, Sodiq Yusuff, was Christian while his father was Muslim. He never confirmed his religion or his followers on his social networks. You should not follow any religion according to your old tweets.

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