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Tennis Player Cori Coco Gauff Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth

Who is Cori Gauff? Why is it hot gossip on the Internet? Cori Gauff is the youngest tennis player to beat professional and renowned tennis player Venus Williams in Wimbledon. She is on the cover for winning against the legendary tennis player. How old is Cori Gauff? A new female face appears in the future of the tennis game. Coco Gauff is also a junior player who qualified for the Grand Slam. In this post, we will discover the wiki of tennis player Cori Coco Gauff, age, and his parents.

Cori Gauff Wiki

Cori Gauff is an American tennis player. She was born March 13, 2004, in Atlanta, Georgia. He has the title of youngest player to beat Venus Williams and qualify for the Grand Slam. Cori is only 15 and beat Venus in his first match at Wimbledon.

Cori Gauff Bio

Real name: Cori Coco Gauff
Birthday: March 13, 2004
Birthplace: Atalanta, United States
Zodiac sign: Unknown
Nationality: American
Ethnic: Black
Professional tennis player
Parents: Corey and Candi Gauff
Education:High school
Married / free wife
Residence: Florida
Revenue: Under review

Cori Gauff’s Parents

Cori Gauff’s parents are Corey Gauff and Candi Gauff. According to Cori’s parents, tennis started playing in third grade. His father played the role of coach. Cori’s mother was a star athlete at her university, while her father was a college basketball player. It reveals that Cori is from a sports family. Both mom and dad are healthy athletes and gymnasts.

Cori’s father played at Florida State University and Georgia State University. Cori learned most of his parents’ play skills. Cori idol in tennis is Sarena and Venus Willams. And he achieved great success by beating Venus Williams at Wimbledon.

Cori Gauff Career

In 2018, Cori entered the ITF as a qualifier at Osprey. She played her first professional game. In June 2018, he won the title of the first Grand Slam junior title. He also participated in the Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships.

In 2019, he recorded his first win against Caty McNally. On June 27, 2019, she qualified in the Grand Slam and became the youngest Open Era player. She defeated tennis champion, Venus Williams, on July 1, 2019.

Cori Gauff’s Networth

Cori Gauff is a 15-year-old tennis player who made the record by defeating five-time Grand Slam champion, Venus Williams. Your net worth has not yet been calculated. She is a new professional tennis player, and her earnings will soon increase after the tournament. She won colossal money and tournament glory. The current value and pay will rise sharply at the end of 2019.

Cori Gauff Social Media Profile

Cori’ Coco’ Gauff has more than 80,000 followers on her Instagram profile. Now it is gaining fans and prices from all over the world. His recent appearance at the Grand Slam was simply amazing. She is the new champion and star of the future of tennis. Cori has just embarked on professional tennis career.

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