After Writing “12 Years a Slave,” Author Solomon Northrup Disappeared and Was Never Seen Again

Solomon Northup was an African American essayist most famous as the writer of the 1853 top-rated diary 12 Years A Slave about his understanding as a slave. In 2013, his book was adjusted into an honor winning film featuring any semblance of Chiwetel Ejiofor and Lupita Nyong’o. However, probably the best riddle encompassing the life of Solomon Northup is his passing.

Tragically, sometime after the year 1857, he just vanished gone forever. Nonetheless, the specific date, area, and conditions of his demise are obscure.


There are numerous speculations of what may have occurred. However, none of them have been affirmed. One of the thoughts is that he was grabbed again and tossed once more into bondage. Another hypothesis proposes that he could have kicked the bucket in a spot where nobody knew him.

Different speculations infer that he was caught and murdered while filling in as a government agent for the Association Armed force. His aptitudes would have proved to be useful in a circumstance where he was helping out Association troops in the South since he knew about individuals from Louisiana and realized acceptable behavior like a slave. The entirety of this would have been useful to somebody filling in as a scout or a covert agent.

The foundation for such hypotheses originates from Northup as far as anyone knows wanting to be engaged with the conventional war, and need to be a piece of the reason.

However, the reality stays on the loose. “There’s no paper trail for him,” said Association School teacher Clifford Darker.

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