Meet the First Ever African American Head Coach in NFL History

In 1920, Frederick Douglass “Fritz” Pollard got one of the initial two African American players in the NFL. The group he played for was known as the Akron Pros, and in 1921, he turned into the group’s lead trainer – making him the primary African American lead trainer in NFL history.

An Expert On and Off the Field

Pollard began as a player on Brown University’s football crew. Alongside Bobby Marshall, Pollard was one of the primary genii of African American football players in the United States.

Afterward, his experience as a football player pushed him to plan as a mentor. Even though he encountered segregation and was looked down on because of his race, Pollard stayed a fantastic mentor and is referred to today as an astounding player and mentor.

A History of Greatness

In the wake of playing in and training for the NFL, Pollard investigated different roads of work. Pollard’s affection for football stayed for an incredible duration; He was the athletic executive for Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and established the Brown Bombers, an expert football crew. Afterward, he worked in music and film creation. Even though met with difficulties, Pollard tried sincerely and was rewarded with progress.

Pollard’s understanding as an NFL player and the principal African American lead trainer in NFL history is one to be recollected. Pollard assisted with preparing for some hero football players and mentors and left behind an astounding heritage.

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