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When Hattie McDaniel Won an Oscar, She Was Banned From Sitting With Her Co-Stars

Hattie McDaniel turned into the principal Dark Oscar victor in 1940 for her depiction of a slave named Mammy in the 1939 film Gone With the Breeze. Tragically, however, when she went to the Foundation Grants function at the Cocoanut Forest club in The Diplomat Lodging, she wasn’t permitted to sit with her co-stars.

McDaniel showed up at the show with an escort and her specialist, William Meiklejohn, who was white. She was even wearing a rhinestone-studded outfit with white gardenias in her hair. However, this, despite everything, didn’t qualify her to sit at the Gone With the Breeze table. Instead, she was accompanied to a little table in a back room that was being utilized to store the Oscar grant trophies.

The inn, as most foundations of that time, had a severe “no-blacks” strategy, and a particular uncommon case must be made for her to try and go to the service by any stretch of the imagination.

After being given the honor for Best Supporting Entertainer, the segregation proceeded. She was unable to try and celebrate with her co-stars that night because the club they went to for the after gathering likewise didn’t permit Dark individuals to enter.

McDaniel, in the long run, got her star on the Hollywood Stroll of Notoriety, however, unfortunately, after her passing in 1957, she was not permitted to be covered in the Hollywood graveyard.

Surprisingly more terrible, an additional 50 years needed to go before a Dark on-screen character would win an Oscar grant once more. Also, that was when Whoopi Goldberg brought home the honor for her Best Supporting Entertainer for her 1990 film Phantom.

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