These Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Coffee Mugs Pay Tribute to Black Women — And Sell Out Every Week!

Dorothy Jones, an incredibly gifted artist and craftsmanship originator from Mobile, Alabama, makes lovely custom artworks that give proper respect to the characteristic magnificence of Black women. Her organization is called Ohh She Did That, and her most popular items are her handcrafted, hand-created espresso cups.

With more than 12 unique plans to look over, Dorothy is overpowered every week with new requests to the point that she usually sells out.

Her mugs are steeply evaluated at $55, and up, however, the quality and inventiveness of her work are well justified, despite all the trouble. Each mug shows positive pictures of expert Black women with healthy hair and Afro-driven clothing. Each cup likewise has an alternate name with an extraordinary plan that includes a vivid character that coordinates the depiction. For instance, there is the Precious Curls Poppin mug, the Dope Chick mug, the Lawanda mug, the Bantu Pop mug, and even the Trina mug.

She even plans modified mugs, permitting clients to pick the mug’s shading, the character’s haircut, her skin tone, her hairdo, her adornments, and her outfit.

The mugs are adorable, and developing increasingly more ordinarily in prominence, yet that isn’t all that Dorothy does. She likewise structures shirt designs, clothing, canvas craftsmanship, and hand-painted wine glasses.


For more details and/or to place an order, visit or follow her on Facebook at @dorothylanes

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