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Tyler Perry is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, author, composer, and composer specializing in the gospel genre. Emmitt Perry Jr., born September 13, 1969, is a local boy with two older sisters and a younger brother. His mother was a priest, and he usually took Perry with him once a week, and his father was a carpenter and mistreated Perry, which led to depression as a teenager.

Tyler Perry Early Life

According to Tyler, he had to endure years of abuse from his father, whose response to everything “hit you.” At one point, he even attempted suicide to escape his troubles. At 16, he changed his name to Tyler to separate from his father.

Perry dropped out of high school at the time but eventually earned a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Hoping to find his career path, Perry did several unsatisfactory jobs before discovering his true passion.

Tyler Perry Career

His rise to star status began in 1991 when he watched an episode from the Oprah Winfrey Show (1986) that dealt with the therapeutic nature of writing. The show inspired him to start writing, and he went through his bad experiences by writing letters to himself.

He then inserted his letters into the play ‘I Know I Have Changed’ a program on domestic violence. Unfortunately, after renting a theater in Atlanta for the play, it failed to attract as many viewers as it wanted. In 1998, he had a second chance to direct his play, and this time the play was completed and caught the attention of investors.

The piece was presented for the first time at the House of Blues in Atlanta, Georgia. In the summer of 1998, it has been sold eight times in a row. Two weeks later, the show moved to the Fox Theater, in the same city where it continued to sell, this time to sold-out audiences, a much larger hall with about 4,000 seats.

Interestingly, this was not the end of the show’s success, as the show continued with several million gross dollars. It also put the African American theater world in a more favorable light for audiences and theater critics. What used to be called the “Chitlin Circle,” a somewhat derogatory term, began to be called “city theater,” thanks to Tyler Perry and his work.

The success I know to have changed opened the door to a whole new world for Perry. Bishop T.D. Jakes attended one of the shows in Dallas and then invited Perry to participate in the play Women, ‘You’re Lost,’ a project that Jakes was working on and asked someone to help him. Perry agreed, provided he was authorized to transcribe, produce, and direct the play. Bishop Jakes gave him the green light. When the program finally opened in 1999, it was a great success. In just five months, he earned more than $ 5 million.

With 17 feature films, 20 plays, seven television shows, a New York Times bestseller, Tyler has built an empire that has drawn audiences and created communities from the base of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, in Georgia.

Tyler Perry Family

One of the theoretical assumptions used to justify people’s claims that Perry is gay is the fact that he is a very successful man in his forties and that he is still single and childless.

But that’s not entirely true because, although Perry is not married, he has a long-standing relationship with model Gelil Bekele. The pair has been together since 2009.

In 2014, it was announced that Perry and Bekele were expecting their first child together. The boy turned out to be a son (Aman) born November 30, 2014.

Perry and Bekele usually keep their babies out of the public eye. Explaining the reason for the decision in The Rickey Smiley’s morning show, Perry said that since his son is not known, he doesn’t think he should share pictures of himself on social media. He also said that his son should work for his money when he was older.

Tyler Perry’s Net Worth

In 2011, Perry was the highest-paid man in the entertainment industry; He earned $ 130 million between May 2010 and 2011. With new Internet shows as well as older hit shows, his net worth is currently estimated at $ 600 million, and his salary is $ 80 million.

Tyler Perry Height

Tyler Perry is not the tallest in Hollywood, but he is undoubtedly one of the tallest in the industry: he measures about 1.90 m or 193.7 cm.

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