Single Mompreneur Creates Innovative Online Hair School, Empowering Many to Earn and Learn From Home

These days, being able to work from home is an asset. With the current global events, individuals and businesses must adopt alternative and innovative ways to provide services, reach their clients, spread their messages, learn, and earn income. For this reason, licensed social worker and entrepreneur Jessyca Marshall has launched the Microloc Mastery Online Training and Certification program, an innovative online hair school that teaches individuals how to learn her method of creating “Microlocs” – which has been used for over a decade to master the technique of providing small interwoven locs.

This standardized technique is taught in a web-based platform that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week worldwide. All supplies are provided, including a tool that she created and produced herself, and is shipped outright to the doorstep of enrollees. Students can connect directly to instruction in the online modules, as well as in live training support. They also get a direct connection to instructional and business assistance in individualized live video and phone support.

 In addition to this platform, the certified students have access to placement on a searchable directory site where they can maintain profiles, advertise their work, connect with potential clients, and receive additional training support in a variety of areas in the beauty industry. The training program has a broad appeal and is suitable for people who range from wanting to learn the skill for themselves, to those who wish to add or create to their existing business at any skill level.

 Giving people access to a broad base of information and skills that can be applied universally and easily accessible is key to the theme in her hair care business of healing and empowerment. This program, and accompanying platforms and resources, is designed to give people opportunities and advantages they haven’t traditionally had before. Many who have taken her training have gone on to greatly enhance their skills as well as create their own businesses.

 Jessyca, who is also the owner of Naturally Beautiful Hair Care, which recently celebrated its 10th year in business, realized the importance of utilizing innovative web-based platforms for her business many years back. She began shifting her focus to providing various ways to reach potential clients and students that would eliminate the barriers of distance and ease accessibility.

 At the start of her business, Jessyca invested significantly in her skills, which later would carry her through challenges with lay-offs, unemployment, and personal life changes, including the birth of her daughter when she unexpectedly became a single mother. It then became increasingly more critical to have convenience and flexibility in her work and home life. She began doing home-based hair support services as a way to supplement her professional career while growing her passions and interest in hair care. She fused both her skill areas — social work and natural hair care — into the fundamental mission of her business. Her platform seeks to grow and build other successful business owners, with the least restrictions possible, so that they can realize more of their goals and dreams as well.

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