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This Former Slave Was Making Cars More Than 100 Years Ago!

Henry Ford is certainly the dad of the American car industry, however numerous individuals don’t understand that one of the main makers of vehicles in America was additionally a previous slave named Charles Richard Patterson from Ohio.


Patterson was a slave in West Virginia before he disappeared to opportunity in Ohio preceding the Civil War. Once in the north, he got tied up with a metal forger business before at last assuming control over control of the organization.

Their line of pony drawn carriages started creation in the late 1800s, and Patterson proceeded with his work on carriages until his passing. After his demise, his child, Frederick Douglass Patterson, steered.

From Horse Carriages to Automobiles

As right on time as 1902, they moved their concentration to cars as per an article distributed by Ferris State University. Their first vehicle moved off the creation line in 1915.

In spite of the fact that the little size of Patterson Automobile Company forestalled it’s development to the large scale manufacturing levels which saw Henry Ford develop into an easily recognized name, the organization expanded out to the assembling of trucks and transports also.

Because of the restricted creation of Patterson-Greenfield autos and their special history, they are currently exceptionally looked for after increments to any exemplary vehicle assortment.

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