$10 Million Black-Owned Fashion Brand Started Out in Asia — Then the Founder Met Steve Harvey!

When Montee Holland, a Detroit-based menswear designer and entrepreneur, launched his line of men’s suits called Tayion in 2003, he knew very little about manufacturing, and he did not have any connections in the fashion industry. But with his creativity, hard work, and a little help from Steve Harvey, he has grown his business to be one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in the country. He recently just secured $10 million in capital from investors.

Growing up, Holland has always loved fashion. He wanted it very much that he left his high-paying job at a pharmaceutical company, and he strived to make a name in the fashion industry. He started sourcing fabrics and patterns in different countries in Asia. Then, he started designing the suits that he sold at pop-up shops.

 In the early 2000s, he started attending the MAGIC Las Vegas, a biannual fashion convention that showcases some of the industry’s best. On his third time in MAGIC, he opened his booth, displaying suits he made from quality fabrics and unique patterns that attracted several stores that wanted to sell his suits.

 It also caught the attention of celebrity Steve Harvey, who happened to be at the MAGIC convention promoting his suits. Harvey introduced Holland to resources that helped him boost his presence in the industry. Though they haven’t worked together for years now, the connections Harvey helped him make landed his brand into stores nationwide, catering to a wide variety of clientele.

 Now 50-years old, Holland is still very hands-on in his business, which now has a storefront in Taylor, Michigan, and supplies multiple big box stores as well. He hopes to expand the company even more, and he is confident he will be able to do that with his persistence.

 “I’ll tell guys all the time, ‘listen, if you work hard, you learn your business, you’re passionate about it, you’re honest, good things will happen,'” Holland told Detroit Free Press. “You just have to stick to it.”

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