3 Siblings Launch African American Cartoon Series Based on the Characters in Their Books

Jiyah, Jace, and Merl Fennell are not your typical siblings. Not only are they all published authors, but they have also just launched their very own African American animated series based on the characters in their books – themselves!

Launched via their YouTube channel, the animated series features Jiyah, Jace, Merl, and Jennaye (their mom) using their real voices to reenact a true story that occurred in the beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii.

 Just like their books, the animated series inspires other children and families to travel to domestic and international destinations. Their unique one-of-a-kind books can be read in over 25 different ways, include real pictures, have an itinerary, and are educational. Currently, the five destinations in the series are Hawaii, Texas, New Orleans, Cuba, and Atlanta can be found on their official website at www.FennellAdventures.com.

 Besides writing books, the Fennell siblings also publish for other children, have an incredible membership club called the Be Anything Club, professionally face paint, teach face paint, podcast, travel, speak to youth, and are now starring in their very own animated series.

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