New Book Teaches You How to Get Rich While Black… Without Being an Athlete, Entertainer or Drug Dealer

How to Get Rich While Black… Without Being an Athlete, Entertainer, or Drug Dealer by Chuck Starks is a book that every Black American should read. Racial discrimination in America has changed the way Black people must see themselves and their options for becoming financially wealthy.

This book is a must-read for anyone who aspires to live an abundant life with more than enough money to spend, live well, give and leave a robust inheritance to heirs.

 Black Americans have built this Country yet have not been able, because of discrimination, to reap the benefits of their labor without taking significant risks that jeopardize not only their health but their life, family and legacy.

 Very few Black Americans can play professional sports, act, model, or entertain at a star level and get rich. Anyone can sell drugs or commit crimes, but we all know how that story ends – prison or death (or both).

 Now, with the knowledge gained from this very informative book, Black Americans will be able to win in the game of life by playing by the easy to follow concepts contained within.

 No longer will Black Americans have to risk everything on their looks, talent, luck, or connections to create great wealth.

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