Friday, September 22, 2023

Super Talented Black Artist Launches Affordable Illustration Company

Charles Franklin, a very talented freehand artist from Washington, DC, has launched his very own boutique illustration studio called Studio 40 Acres. With specific expertise in the photo to pencil drawing art, his mission is to create memorable custom illustrations specifically geared to the needs of people that want professional artwork for under $80.

“As an artist myself, I get frustrated by the poor quality of art and the costs associated with some custom pieces on various websites,” says Franklin. “People lose loved ones, give birth, and experience life’s special moments. Sometimes a memorable piece of artwork makes the perfect gift to many.”

 If you’ve ever tried to have something like this done before, you probably already know this exists. A few companies have been doing the whole photo-into-art thing for years. Where Studio 40 Acres thinks they have them beat, however, is in pricing, and turnaround time.

 Studio 40 Acres’ website is also a bit more… it’s modern, easy to use, and most important, its for the culture. Setting up your order takes all of a few seconds; Email your photo, communicate with the artist, choose to frame (if desired), and have your masterpiece delivered.

 Franklin says he strives to be the go-to platform for custom art drawings in the African American community.

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