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Where Do Black People Come From?

Where do black people come from? It seems like a question that is fairly easy to answer. If you are African, chances are that it is a question that would even confuse you. You probably are a black person and have been surrounded by black people your entire life so what exactly is the question about? It is important to note, however, that black people have a long drawn out history that makes the tale of their origins a little difficult to just scoff at.

The term black people, actually, has taken up some negative connotations over time. Where it really is just a term used to talk about persons who are perceived as dark-skinned compared to others, a history of slavery and persecution has made the term in certain communities to be perceived as derogatory. Therefore, the society where this term is used may determine the reception that the speaker will receive, whether good or bad. It is important to note that black people in the sense used in this article sometimes refer to people who may not be dark-skinned but who are linked by ethnicity and family origins to the places where other black people come from.

Whether fair or dark complexion, Moorish – as they were called by Europeans since ancient times – the never-ending puzzle continues to pique our imaginations of how black people came into existence and ‘where’ do they come from!? But one thing is certain, the origin and history of the black people did not begin from African slavery.

Ancient history manuscripts have tried to give an account of how black people came to exist on earth, all of which are based on sensible theories and fossil discoveries use as evidence of proof, but still dependent on ordinary mans’ opinion.

However authentic/inauthentic these researchers might seem, the simple truth is, black people existed since the world was created, and unless you are God himself, your answers can only base on “sensible” theories. Nevertheless, all questions must have an answer.

Where Do Black People Come From?

Originally from the Africa Continent, the black people have a complex history with countless fossil discoveries to support the theory that Black people are the Origin of people of the other continents – Europe, Asia, America, etc.

Biblical Proof of Where Black People Come From

Stories and books have been written in tribute to black human racial history – The Black Man (Jame Morris Web); Black History (many Authors and Books); What makes Black people Black (Llaila Afrika); The Wretched of the Earth (Frantz Fanon) etc. All which tells stories about the origin of the black race and as some would claim – the Black race is the “origin of civilization,” with biblical proof.

The Black Man; a book was written by James Morris Web, narrates that Ham, one of the sons of Noah, is the father of the African family; the Ethiopian – is the darkest or blackest tribe of the Hamite. Cush was the founder of the tribe of Hamite. Moses selected his wife from this black or Ethiopian tribe (Numbers chapter 12 verse 1).

While pagan scholars believe that black people, with other human race, evolved from primates (monkeys), the bible believers acknowledge the existence of a supernatural God ruling the universe, stating the theory of the natural creation of man and woman (Adam and Eve). You might even wonder if Adam and Eve were black or white humans?

According to a post by Taylor Gordon, there are six scientific theories proving that Europeans actually originated from sub-Sahara Africa, showing photos of blond-haired black Negros as a prove that White Europeans are descendants of black skin origin. Other photos prove that the “Slanted eye” of the Chinese is one of the most widely identifiable traits and historians have traced its origin back to Africa civilizations – A common characteristic found in West Africa, the Sahara and South Africa – among the Kong san bushmen.

Suffice to know that Africa – one of the largest continent of the world – is the original domain of black people and one of the ancient countries in Africa with a rich history including Ethiopia (the only country in Africa that actively repelled colonialism and one of the world oldest continuous civilization), Egypt, Zimbabwe, and Somalia.

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