Mr. Macaroni Biography, Age, Real Name, Comedy Videos, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter

Mr. Macaroni Biography, Age, Real Name, Comedy Videos, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter

The “fabulous” comedian Macaroni has been doing well in the Nigerian entertainment scene since he distinguished himself by his comic style, which focuses mainly on men who like to spend money on girls.

He is known for his slang “Oinn” and “You are doing well,” which quickly became a popular word for social media users to express their thoughts.

Macaroni is a complete artist with unique content and a defender of love in a new dimension.

Often known for his parodic character “Sugar Daddy” and his clothes “Agbada”, he is a lateral attraction for beautiful and talented women.

Mr. Macaroni Early life and background

Mr. Macaroni, whose real name is Debo Adedayo, is a famous Nigerian comedian, content creator, MC, and businessman born in Lagos.

He was born into a family of 10. His father is a journalist while his mother is an educator.

He also has six sisters, and it just shows that he grew up surrounded by women.

He graduated from high school in 2009. He attended four different universities between the end of his high school studies and 2019 before graduation.

He studied creative arts at Redeemers University. He finally received his NYSC certification on March 5, 2020.

Mr. Macaroni Career

Macaroni began his acting career in early 2014, where he starred in numerous films and soap operas, including the popular TV series Wale Adenuga “Super Story,” Face 2 Face, Family Ties, Papa Ajasco, etc.

He wrote and produced the film “Ona Ara,” with Yewande Adekoya.

He then further developed the creation of online comedy skits inspired by characters like Maraji and Broda Shaggi.

He has managed to develop a passion and can also do comedies online based on his previous acting experiences.

Mr. Macaroni eventually became famous for his comic style of offering women in different ways to convey messages to men.

Often characterized by the way he removes the “glass” from his face and using his usual expression, “you are doing well,” Mr. Macaroni was able to meet different “young and old” people on various social media platforms.

The first parodies are satirical; try to imitate society and, at the same time, transmit messages to its characters.

He has collaborated with the best actors and comedians in Nigeria, including artists such as Adedimeji Lateef, Broda Shaggi, Taaooma, Woli Arole, Seyi Law, and many others.

Mr. Macaroni Net worth

Macaroni is one of the rapidly growing Nigerian artists and comedians with an estimated net worth of $150,000.

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