Saturday, September 30, 2023

Black Entrepreneur’s Chemical-Free Hair Color Brand Now Being Sold By Walmart

Meet Electra S. Davis, founder of Mysteek Naturals, a popular line of chemical-free hair color products. After grossing over $100K in 2019 while simultaneously working as a full-time single mom, she is now celebrating having her products sold by Walmart – the world’s largest retailer.

The timing is perfect because American families are currently quarantined at their homes. Many are looking for fun activities to do, but they can easily place an order online and have fun expressing themselves through their hair. The hair color is safe for both children and adults and is even popular with a lot of men.

A humble beginning

 Electra started her company because, like so many other women, she was looking for an alternative to the rinses that weren’t giving her the vibrant popping color that she so badly. She also wanted to create a product without the harmful chemicals, and avoid the process of using a developer to bleach her hair.

 She began using the color on herself, and other people started to ask her how she was changing her hair weekly and sometimes daily without damaging it. Once she told them, they requested she start making them some as well, and this is how the company was birthed.

Overnight success

 In less than four years, Electra has been able to turn what started as a hobby into a very successful woman-owned, veteran-owned small business.

 She has also made history as one of the first women in the world to have created a line of chemical-free hair color products that are being sold and used by customers all around the world. Her products’ new distribution with Walmart puts the icing on the cake.

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