Entrepreneur Opens First Ever Black-Owned Prepaid Carrier Storefront

Tesix Wireless operates with one group of people in mind, millennials. As covered in various media sources, the company was founded by 25-year old millennial, Chaymeriyia Moncrief, an Alabama entrepreneur who wanted to create a more straightforward and exciting carrier.

Of all the company’s significant milestones, like reserving their NYSE stock ticker, generating $1.5M their first year, and putting their carrier-branded smartphones in production, the carrier has now officially opened the first African American found carrier storefront.

Operating on the nation’s largest GSM network, Tesix Wireless delivers fee-less mobile plans with a ‘pay-as-see’ pricing model. Including all fees, taxes, and offering zero activation fees in their plans, keeps their prices aligned with carriers of larger status.

With plans starting as little as $18/mo, you can expect features like Unlimited Talk and Text, Unlimited 4G/5G data, mobile hotspot, 2-in-1 line ability, and hotspot only plans. The features offered by Tesix makes it popular among its customers and eye-catching to the Millenials it targets. “We offer features you can’t get anywhere else for the prices offered,” states Moncrief in a previous interview.

According to Black Enterprise, after the launch announcement of Tesix Wireless in 2018, the telecommunications startup quickly built a waitlist of 4,000 subscribers and netted $40,000 in sim pre-sales.

With a successful first year, the carrier already has 30+ authorized dealers underway for 2020 and 2021.

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