Friday, September 22, 2023

Black Accountant Promises His Clients Bigger Tax Refunds This Year

David L. Thomas is the founder and president of Valor Tax Services, a nationwide accounting firm based in Daytona Beach, Florida. This year, he is telling his clients: “I can’t wait to get you a bigger refund than last year.”

This year, however, he is doing something a little bit different. Not only is he helping his clients get bigger tax refunds, but also everyone who files their taxes with him will receive a complimentary vacation after the coronavirus pandemic has ended.

 David comments, “My people don’t take vacation enough. I get tired of Black people getting their refunds and not being able to enjoy themselves, let alone invest in themselves. Your entire refund shouldn’t go all to bills. It’s time for a change. Staying home is not a vacation.”

 In addition to running his accounting firm, David also offers business mentoring services as well as credit repair. He believes that Black-owned companies are in a better position to thrive now more than ever. “It just takes a little love, hope, and education to get our business community to the next level,” he says.

 For this reason, he has also established a financial education blog to assist individuals in understanding personal and business tax codes.

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