Black Couple’s All-Natural Hygiene Product Line Has Tripled in Sales Since COVID-19 Outbreak

Curious about the ingredients in what we use on our bodies every day, Terran began researching products from different brands and what she found alarmed her. “We use commercial products all of our lives and never think about what’s in them. But most of the ingredients are harsh on the skin and don’t have any of the nutrients our skin needs to be healthy,” she said.

Herb’N Eden proudly offers products that customers can trust are made with healing intentions, not profit. “We manufacture our own products, and essential oils are so powerful. They heal and replenish the skin and the aromatic properties are therapeutic for the mind and spirit as you breathe them in when applying them. It’s something good going on and in your body. Big brands can’t say that about their commercial products,” Terran said.

Since Herb’N Eden launched four years ago, the product list has grown to include soaps, face serums, body oils, body butters, deodorants, scrubs, clay masks, toners, and bath accessories. They also have a blog and YouTube channel where Terran hosts Herb’N Eden After Hours, a weekly show about the healing properties of natural ingredients and how to build them into your skincare routine.

“I just encourage everybody to look into the products that you use on your body every day and make sure you know how they affect your skin. We’re proud to say our products are made of nothing but plant-based, natural ingredients that feed and replenish the skin. When you use natural products on your skin every day it shows and your skin radiates. That’s what your skincare routine should do for you.”

Herb’N Eden offers several starter options like the 5 for $25 bar soap deal, and a sample sized travel set which consists of bar soap, body wash, body butter, body oil, and deodorant.

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