Thursday, September 21, 2023

How To Prepare Nigerian Fried Rice With These 5 Ingredients

The pictures of Nigerian fried rice that you will see online these days compete to outperform one another. There is nothing that people these days do not add to Nigerian fried rice—all in search of the most attractive and delicious meal. But you don’t need all these ingredients to make tasty and delicious Nigerian fried rice. Check out this fried rice above. I only used 5 ingredients!

Ingredients of Nigerian Fried Rice

As with these 5 ingredient recipes, I do not count the following:

– The main ingredient, in this case,

  • rice.
  • salt
  •  water

5 ingredients:

  • Chicken (hard chicken or chicken)
  •  Nigerian curry powder
  •  Seasoning cubes
  •  Onions
  •  Miscellaneous vegetables (carrots, peppers, and peas)

Notes on ingredients

  1. Nigerian curry powder is not spicy like Indian curry powder. Your job is to give Nigerian fried rice a classic color.
  2.  Hard chicken is tastier than a rooster. Use it for maximum taste.
  3.  I used spiced beef cubes even though I cook with chicken because it tastes more like chicken spice cubes.

This recipe is best seen in a video explained in writing, see below:

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