Online Business Expert Says his Struggles Can Help African Americans Entrepreneurs Succeed

Meet Internet business pioneer Doug Lee, who is the founder and CEO of E-Business Experts, LLC. After many years of failure, Doug has finally mastered the art of online business and feels that it’s now time to start sharing the best-kept secrets that have eluded the African American business community for years. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected families from all racial groups financially. “Surprisingly, having a successful online business is still a hidden gem amongst Black people,” he says.

Doug says that it was a long hard road of struggle for ten years before finding success. Doug didn’t understand niche concepts or how to get traffic to his sites. He tried several web site ventures but failed miserably.

 “I was beyond frustrated, but I couldn’t give up,” Doug states. The tide turned when he received a life-changing recommendation from a trusted business organization. “The key to succeeding online is working with a real person who’s been there and done it.”

 “If there were ever a good time to start an online business, it would be now,” he says. And due to stay-at-home orders, more Americans are seeing the value of working from home. The secret to online business is finding a niche you’re passionate about and enjoy. Do you have secret cooking recipes? Are you a haircare specialist? Are you a musician or sports fanatic?

 On the Internet, people search for information, and you don’t need to sell products or services to generate income. Doug can show you how to create an info-based website and monetize your ideas! Another important thing to consider is that the Internet doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care about race, age, credit, or personal circumstances. Everyone is equal online!

Helping more African Americans to work from home

 For a limited time, Doug is offering consultations by phone, email, and webinars for a reduced one-time fee of only $97. Lee will become your personal E-Business Advisor for 30 days, helping anyone to start a legitimate business online. Clients can opt to receive a 20-minute phone consult to discuss their niche ideas, along with unlimited email exchanges for one month.

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