10 Of The Most Wealthy African-American Suburbs In America

Recent statistics and research have debunked the popular belief which claims that African Americans are not doing well economically, and are not able to afford to live in opulent suburbs in the US.

In fact, reliable information gathered by the New York Times implies that the migration trend of African Americans, has a very positive outlook, as they tend to move into affluent and developed areas.

Below is a list of African American thriving and affluent neighborhoods.

Baldwin Hills, California

Popularly known as the city that housed male athletes of the 1932 Los Angeles Summer Olympic games, Baldwin Hills remains home to affluent black doctors, lawyers, athletes, and actors.

It’s a typical neighborhood with a mix of grandeur and simplicity, with long staying residents, with some having been living there for decades.

On average, the household income of residents is estimated to be $80,214.

Hillcrest New York

Unlike most of the other cities mentioned above, Hillcrest has not always been a predominantly African American community, however with the recent migration of thriving African Americans to the area, this area is worthy of mention. In fact, a little over 51.1 percent of the total population makes up African American residents in the area.

Hillcrest is considered an urban community with the necessary infrastructure available in the area or within driving distance. It also offers a good diversified environment.

The median household income of residents in Hillcrest is $94,265.

Uniondale New York

This community is a suburb of New York City with a population of about 31,597, with African Americans making up more than 56 percent of the total population.

Uniondale is home to many young professionals, and also houses the Hofstra University’s north campus. It is a great place to raise a family as the public schools here are rated to be above average.

Average household income of residents is $76,157

Mitchellville, Maryland

A town in a Maryland named after John Mitchel who owned a plantation that makes up a large area of present-day Mitchellville. It has a population of about 10,475 people, with about 85.4% of the number making up the black residents.

Mitchellville is considered an upper-middle-class African-American community with the bulk of its population living comfortably okay and above the poverty rate.

The median income here is about $120,538.

Fort Washington, Maryland

A city is historically known for housing a protective fort, protecting the capital during the 19th-century wars. Long after the war, the area remained largely rural until around 1960 when urbanization gradually crept in and has since experienced consistent and significant development

With a population of about 24.144, fort Washington remains a city dominated by blacks. The average family income of residents is estimated at $126,339.

Kettering Maryland

Kettering is a predominantly black community, with 90% of her total population been African-Americans. The name was created by a suburban housing developer in the 1960s when development began in the area.

Kettering is a suburb of Washington D.C, with a lot of young professionals and retirees making up its residents. Living in this area is quite convenient as the crime rate is relatively low and also the availability of social infrastructure like recreational facilities, shopping malls, and a good road network to move around.

With a population of about 13,282, the average household income is $84,846.

Woodmore Maryland:

Woodmore is a community in Prince George’s county in Maryland, considered a suburb of Washington DC.

A quiet and conserved community, Woodmore is considered a great place to raise a family and live quietly by residents’ reviews. The estimated population of Woodmore is about 4,426, while the median household income of residents in the area is $146,688.

Ladera Heights, California

Located in Los Angeles County, 72.2% of the total population of about 7,509 people that makes up the residents of Ladera Heights, are Africa Americans.  It’s quite a comfortable place to live with necessary infrastructure available within the neighborhood, or within driving distance.

The median income in Ladera Heights is about $102,281 and the median home value is $789,400.

Friendly Maryland

Friendly is an unincorporated area in Prince George County, Maryland, and just like its name, residents here tend to be liberal and accommodating.

Friendly provides an opportunity to engage in recreational activities with the number of parks available in the community. The area has an estimated population of about 10,200 people, with African-Americans making up about 77.67 percent of the total population.

The median household income is $119,133.

View Park-Windsor Hill, California

Dubbed ‘The Black Beverly Hills’, View Park-Windsor Hill is geographically dominated by African Americans and remains one of the wealthiest African American areas in the United States, as it is widely known to have a good number of highly educated and wealthy African Americans.

The cost of living is reported to be quite on the high side in the area, as its central location and availability of huge homes with large lots makes it more attractive even to non-African Americans whose migration to the area has recently increased.

The neighborhood which overlooks part of Los Angeles is 10-15 minutes’ drive from some necessary attractions including the beach, airport, and downtown L.A.

The annual income of families within the area is estimated to be between $87,043 and $159,168.

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