Friday, September 22, 2023

Top Hashtags For Black Entrepreneurs You Should Use For Your Business

Are you looking at starting a business or making your business known through social media platforms like Instagram and you want to draw the attention of investors, journalists, and customers, in a very competitive sphere or be patronized without being restricted by racial biases?

One of the things you should consider doing is to follow, interact with, and use the right hashtags for your content. We have outlined the ten Top hashtags which have given tremendous attention to many Black businesses, and they are outlined below:’

  1. #Blackpreneur: Blackpreneur identifies you as a black entrepreneur. This helps you attract online attention as well as identifies you with the growing network of black entrepreneurs.
  2. #Blacktech: This is tailored for black people who are building or already have tech businesses. Not only would you be spotted out by people who are interested in tech businesses owned by blacks, but it will also expose you to the black community.
  3. #Shopblack: This hashtag is used by blacks who have products to sell and are using social media platforms as a major marketing tool. Combined with other hashtags, you would be drawing a lot of responses when you use #shopblack.
  4. #Blackownedbusiness: This helps fellow people of color identify with your business, as it becomes known that it is owned by a black. So this hashtag is a go-to if you are trying to identify your business with the black community.
  5. #Buyblack: With the buyback hashtag, you can attract people to buy your products as well as draw attention to your business while emphasizing that it is proudly owned by a black.
  6. #Blackexcellence: This hashtag sends a powerful message. It depicts you as black and successful as well shows that whatever you offer is of great quality. This is great for attracting investors.
  7. #Blackgirlmagic: This hashtag is a very strategic one for the times as we are in an era where the beauty of being an African woman is beginning to be appreciated very unlike years before when you were bullied and discriminated against for being black or having unstraightened kinky hair, so if you are a lady of color, and you have a product or service you want to attract people to, then you may want to ensure that #blackgirlmagic is one of your tags.
  8. #Melanin: Melanin speaks of our brown or black pigmentation. It totally reminds of our roots. This hashtag is particularly excellent for black-owned fashion or skin and hair care products or services.
  9. #Pitchblack: If you are a black entrepreneur looking to pitch your business to investors, angel investors and venture capitalists who might be interested in black-owned businesses, then you might want to include this hashtag in your content. The extent to which this could go in publicizing your works will totally amaze you.
  10. #supportblackbusiness: If you are looking at attracting customers or investors to your business as a black or person of color, or trying to network with people of like mind, then you should use this hashtag.”

In conclusion, in a world like ours where everything is going “E”, and people spend more time online than anywhere else, it is only logical to put your business up, where everyone would possibly see it.

This requires being a techie and learning how to make the most use of social media for good marketing. One of the smartest moves you can make as a black business owner is to integrate the top hashtags in your content while marketing online.

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