Black Woman Entrepreneur Using Robot Technology to Disrupt the Beauty and Wellness Industry


Meet Dayo Ogunniyi McIntosh, CEO,, and founder of Yateou, Inc. This clean beauty tech brand manufactures plant-based hair and skincare products using essential oils with the help of robot technology! Her company also produces aromatherapy products, and ultimately, she is creatively combining the concept of an apothecary… with robotics.

Dayo, who is Nigerian American, is the mastermind behind this creative brand. After facing numerous setbacks, she comments, “It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the launch of Yateou. This has been years in the making, and we cannot wait for consumers to own their well-being and create products tailored to their unique personal care goals.”

 In the wake of COVID-19, Dayo says that she avidly believes in introducing her customers to products that are free of toxins and can help to build their immune systems. For this reason, the ingredients used in her products are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced. Besides, the packaging and practices used by her company are 80% eco-friendly.

 Her company is also committed to investing 10% of its profits into organizations categorized by one of their six adopted causes: Women empowerment, Education, World Hunger, Clean Water, Animal Cruelty, and Environmental Sustainability.

Beauty and wellness meet AI technology.

 Dayo currently has a patent-pending utility application for their robotic mix bar, which is forward-thinking as the world moves into the age of consumer-facing robots.

 Poised at the intersection of the clean and sustainable movement, robotics (AI), and product customization, all emerging trends in the beauty and wellness industries, Dayo feels very confident that she is building something that will be relevant for years to come.

 She comments, “We are pioneers and disrupters of the beauty and wellness industries with our consumer-facing robot and superb, customizable products, so while the novelty of our business will attract customers the quality and efficacy of the products will keep them coming back!”



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