Africans United to Support Madagascar’s Covid-19 Remedy || Made-in-Africa pride.

Madagascar has offered to transport their COVID-19 remedy to hospitals across Africa during an online meeting with other African Presidents including Ramaphosa (SA), Kagame (Rwanda), Kenyatta (Kenya), Bongo (Gabon), Deby (Chad), Tshisekedi (DRC), Al Sisi (Egypt) and Issoufou (Niger).

In recent weeks, COVID Organics (COV) – an improved traditional remedy made of artemisia and other endemic medicinal plants, such as Ravintsara – has been dispensed to Madagascar high school students and by soldiers going door to door.

Elsewhere in Africa, the Republic of Congo received a donation of the herbal remedy on Tuesday. Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, DR Congo, and Liberia have imported CVO or said they plan to do so. Tanzanian President John Magufuli said last weekend that he would order a planeload.

President Magufuri questioned COVID-19 tests being carried out in Tanzanian Labs after a goat, vehicle oil, bird, and Papaya samples secretly sent to the National lab tested positive for Coronavirus.

The President suspects some of the testing kits donated to Africa are fake and have ordered Tanzanian security forces to investigate COVID-19 test kits.

There is suspicion that donors can give to Africa Coronavirus infected test equipment or bribe laboratory technicians to give out false COVID-19 results aiming to sabotage the Tanzanian economy.

Last week Guinea Bissau received COVID Organics (CVO) cargo for itself and 14 other countries in the Economic Community of West African States.

Made-in-Africa pride Magufuli’s revelations generated many positive social media comments that invoked patriotism, Neville Meena, secretary of the Tanzania Editors Forum, said on VOA’s “Daybreak Africa” radio program. “Now when Madagascar’s claim that they have the medicine for coronavirus,” he said, “now, the debate is: ‘Why should [we] not just support this innovation from our own continent?’ ” Dr. Erick Gbodossou, president of Senegal-based Prometra International, an organization committed to preserving African traditional medicine and science, praised Madagascar’s Rajoelina for having “the courage to test artemisia” and for trying to help his people via COVID-Organics. “This courage is to be saluted,” he told VOA’s French to Africa service via Skype, “because we Africans must try to make humanity understand that Africa is not just dances and songs, that Africa can bring real, effective, serious solutions to the various health concerns of humanity.”

The World Health Organisation has warned African Countries against the use of traditional medicine that it claims” has not been scientifically tested and proven to fight the coronavirus” WHO launched a scathing attack on Madagascar’s improved traditional cure branding it dangerous and called for side effects to be examined as the African Union shows interest.

However many Africans have no doubt that Madagascar’s COVID-Organics is a step in the right direction. They believe we must offer Madagascar any kind of scientific support that can improve their research, but not try to destroy them in favor of international pharmaceuticals that are selling to us expensive so-called proven Western medicines.

Others go as far as saying that even if Madagascar’s cure proves to cure COVID-19 in WHO’s own labs, they will never approve of it because it was discovered in Africa. They say WHO is an organization built to have centralized control over us, working for the interests of big players in the healthcare industry.

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