Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Doctor Behind Madagascar’s #COVID-19 Remedy. A Factory to be Built to Boost its Production.

On Thursday, April 23 Citizens in Madagascar thronged to receive COVID-Organics (CVO), the local herbal remedy said to prevent and cure coronavirus.

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina had launched the cure earlier that week disclosing that it had cured two patients. He said it was to be distributed for free to citizens and for all school-going children. Schools reopened on Wednesday, April 22 across the country.

“All trials and tests have been conducted and its effectiveness in reducing the elimination of symptoms has been proven for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 in Madagascar,” the president said.

The profile of the remedy has been boosted after about half a dozen African leaders publicly endorsed it and requested for consignments. The Malagasy government has so far been distributing it for free in the country and all shipped consignments are for free.

Presidents of Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Comoros, DR Congo, Senegal and the Republic of Congo have congratulated Madagascar for their bold step in combating the rampaging global virus.

What is COVID-Organics (CVO)?

COVID-Organics is an improved traditional remedy made up of artemisia and other endemic medicinal plants, such as Ravintsara. Artemisia annua has already been the subject of more than twenty studies in Madagascar where it was introduced in 1975 to fight against malaria. Its medicinal form is already marketed in local pharmacies.

The Research Centre behind COVID-Organics (CVO) Development

Under presidential demands, and faced with the promises of chloroquine and the use of artemisia in China against the coronavirus, the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA) and the National Pharmacology Research Centre joined forces to conduct studies and set up a research protocol on this plant already known for its virtues against malaria.

This led to the development of a COVID-Organics remedy.

This is yet another discovery for this research centre, which has some fifty remedies to its credit, developed by combining traditional and modern medicine, including the antidiabetic drug Madeglucyl and the cough suppressant Madetoxin. According to Marcel Razanamparany, president of the Madagascar Academy of Medicine, this initiative highlights the work of IMRA researchers, who conducted the clinical study. And whose founder, Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga, has always advocated the connection between modern and traditional medicine.

Professor Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga, whose research focused on the combination of traditional and modern medicine, is regarded as the pioneer of science in Madagascar.

This researcher once declared: “We must move forward at our own pace, we must above all have confidence in ourselves and in the therapeutic virtues of nature. For nature and man are one.”

Who is the doctor behind the drafting of a protocol which led to the manufacture of COVID-Organics?

After the launch of COVID-Organics many publications on social networks attributed to Dr. Jérôme Munyangi, the authorship of the protocol behind the development of the remedy.

Dr. Jérôme Munyangi is a Congolese scientist. He is responsible for clinical trials at “La Maison de l’Artemisia” and also leads a group of researchers called “Artemisia COVID”.

However, in addition to denials from the Malagasy authorities, the Congolese doctor says he is not the author.

COVID-Organics remedy was developed by researchers at the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA) and the National Pharmacology Research Centre.

IMRA was founded in 1957 by Albert Rakoto Professor Ratsimamanga and it introduced artemisia in 1975 since then many studies have been carried out by researchers on it.

The research enabled the IMRA team, to verify artemisia good results in reducing and eliminating coronavirus symptoms.

The center is nationally and internationally renowned and has been granted the status of a regional research center by the African Union.

What’s next for COVID-Organics?

On May 4, the Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina announced that a pharmaceutical factory will be built within a month to boost COVID-Organics production. And It will be administered in other forms such as injections. According to him, the trials were in partnership with foreign researchers.

“Thanks to this discovery, international researchers and doctors have proposed the construction of the largest cancer center in Africa in Madagascar,” the president disclosed.

COVID-Organics continues to sharply divide opinion among those that say it needs more attention and others who are dismissing it as an unproven ‘solution’ to a malady the world is still grappling to get a grip on.

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