Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Amazing styles of Lady Zamar’s locs

Lady Zamar is a South African music expert whose music has become a list of many music lovers. Her soulful music speaks to many people on a deeper level. From the fans’ point of view, “This is Love” and “Collide” rank up their list among all her songs. This singer wears her hair in her signature blonde locs. Her long hair is always beautifully styled in different ways. Here are some hairstyles you can get from Lady Zamar:

 1. Tiered Bun

Courtesy:  Women Africa

Lady Zamar wears her hair in a navel tied at the front and neat braids. The dreadlocks fall gracefully on her back, revealing a divine lady! Her smile can easily light up a room. If you have medium to long locs, you can give it a try.

 2. Double Bun

                                        Courtesy: Bona

Lady Zamar locs generally stands out: it’s beautiful and has a pretty striking honey blonde. Some time ago, she moved away from the black locs, and this color slowly became her signature shade. Now it has been embedded into our mind that this is her color! She wears the double buns beautifully. Another thing you will notice about Zamar’s hair is that it is quite long. Are your locs short? Try kinky curly extensions for extra length. The fluffy kinky darling braids are perfect for this.

 3. Blonde’ Fro

Courtesy: Youth Village

Dreadlocks are not a life sentence. Could you repeat after me? Dreadlocks are not a life sentence! Since these are permanent hairstyles, you can do almost anything in the hands of a good stylist. Here, Lady Zamar has tucked her locs away and wears a kinky, blonde afro with two twists down the side. What a fun hairstyle, right?!

 4. Dreaded Frohawk

Courtesy: Times Live

Lady Zamar wears her locs in a frohawk. locs underneath and peeking through the sides, topped with an afro. She looks as stunning while she sings and writes songs. The singer wears this very well. I see her performing with this on stage!

 5. Intricate Bun

Courtesy: Twitter

How complicated is this style? The locs were intertwined to form cornrows, then intertwined to form a bun on its crown. She seems to get along well from one style to another. No wonder we had to write about it and use it as inspiration for dreadlocks!

Which hairstyle will you definitely try?

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