Black Woman Entrepreneur Now Manufacturing Her Own Line of Hand Sanitizer

Gwen Jimmere, founder and CEO of Naturalicious and the first Black woman to own a patent for a natural hair care product, is making history again as one of the first to launch a Black-owned hand sanitizer brand.

It’s called Naturalicious’ Hand Sanitizer. It’s an actual alcohol-based liquid that is manufactured at her company’s headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, in a sterile, clean environment exactly to the stringent WHO guidelines for maximum effectiveness. It includes skin emollients to protect and moisturize your hands as it cleans them, and protects you and those around you.

 As innovative and groundbreaking as Gwen is, her focus has always been to serve her customers first and ensure their needs are met. To date, her coveted hair care system has saved over 70,000 women more than 1.2 million minutes on their hair care.

 So when her rabid fanbase began to complain of not finding hand sanitizer during the global coronavirus pandemic, she sprung into action to find a way to serve them with what they were practically begging for. 

 Panic buying has caused hand sanitizer to be one of the scarcest items out there. With COVID-19 affecting nearly every business in the world, Gwen’s company has come to the rescue with a product that effectively kills 99% of germs and is produced exactly to WHO standards to ensure the safety of her customers and her staff.

Free of ineffective gels

 A little known fact is that gel-based products like aloe vera can make sanitizers less effective. For that reason, Naturalicious’Naturalicious’s hand sanitizer is the same type of liquid-based product a field surgeon would use if he or she didn’t have access to soap and hot water.

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