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George Floyd’s body has been identified. The officer seen in the images with Floyd on his knees was identified as Constable Derek Chauvin. His partner, who is also seen in the video, is Agent Tou Thao. A dramatic video has surfaced in which a Minneapolis police officer immobilizes a man and repeatedly says that he cannot breathe before he stops talking and moves on. Police say he later died in hospital.

George Floyd Age

George Floyd, as of 2020, was 40 years aged.

Cause of George Floyd Death

Minneapolis police published a statement saying the man, who was in his forties, died of a medical incident, claiming that he had medical problems when interacting with the police. They did not immediately reveal his name or the names of the officials involved. But the Star Tribune identified the officer as Chauvin and Thao.

The statement said the officers responded to reports of ongoing counterfeiting and that the man “who appeared to have been influenced by a physically resilient officer.”

The police were able to handcuff the suspect and noticed that he appeared to be suffering from medical problems. The police called an ambulance. He was transported by ambulance to the Hennepin County medical center, where he died shortly after, “said the statement.

The statement affirmed that no weapons were used in the incident and that no officer was injured.

Minneapolis police said the FBI has now joined the Minnesota Criminal Reports Department to investigate the incident.
Police were assembled to Cup Foods at 3759 Chicago Avenue, reports the Star Tribune citing the sound of a police scanner. The call was the one trying to pay a counterfeit bill. According to the scanned images, the officers found a man who matched the description of the suspect seated on the howitzer of his car.

Statement from the Mayor of Minneapolis

News One publishes that social media users “quickly alleged the Minnesota police department of killing the suspect. Some said the suspect had suffocated, while others described him as strangled.”

The incident was broadcast live on Facebook. In the original video uploaded online, Facebook user Darnella Frazier said, “He was killed right in front of a cup of food in South 38 and Chicago! No sympathy. #POLICE BRUTALITY.”

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Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Libor Jany, who posts regular updates after the event, said the viewer’s video “challenges the police bill and raises questions about whether his seizure aggressive led to the death of the man. “Reported that the officers concerning the incident had been placed on administrative leave. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey addressed the incident at a press conference Tuesday morning, calling it “just awful” and saying it was “traumatic and reminds us how far we have to go.” Frey said:

“I think what I saw and what I saw was wrong on every level. This does not reflect the values ​​on which Chef Arradondo has worked tirelessly. It does not represent the training we have invested or the measures we have taken to ensure accountability.

Being black in the United States should not be the death penalty. We watched the white officer press his knee against the black man’s neck for five minutes. When you hear someone asking for help, you should help. This officer has failed in the most basic human sense.”

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