Murder Story Of Captain Hadiza Lantana Oboh – Nigeria Airways’ First And Only Female Pilot (1959-1998)

Late Captain Hadiza Lantana Oboh was born in 1959 and murdered in cold blood, in 1998 and was the first and only female pilot for Nigeria Airways.

Being a young lady, Hadiza Lantana lived alone in her house at 40A Bourdillion Road, Ikoyi, as a single woman. She was said to have everything at her reach, in other words – a luxurious lifestyle.

Reports had it that Hadiza was an introvert who focused more on her career and was seldom seen with friends nor being visited by partners nor relations but was murdered by her domestic staffs – Abdullahi and Peter Iduwu.

Captain Hadiza who was flying for private airlines for years before picking up work at Nigerian Airways as a Flight Officer flying Boeing 737-200 in the year 1984 a rare feat which was believed to have brought envies to her.

Hadiza was said to have had only Abdullahi working for her but was fired for misconduct before employing Peter Idowu, but Peter who was to travel to his hometown made her go get Abdullahi back to work even when Peter had returned.

On 8th of February 1998, Captain Hadiza was said to have returned home from work around 8pm looking worn-out. On reaching home, she entered her kitchen to prepare a meal for herself which unfortunately she did not eat before her death.

Abdullahi was said to have nurtured the idea of killing their employer which he disclosed to Peter.
Seeing foreign currencies, jewels and other expensive materials in her room as they take carry her bag inside her room was the beginning of the nightmare.

Abdullahi was said to have secretly opened the gate for the three assassins who gained access to the house through the kitchen while she was still in there cooking.

They had to forceful strangle her to death with rope. Hadiza pleaded and struggled for survival but she was overpowered by her assassins.

Her dead body was buried in a septic tank before being cemented back.
The house was combed of every valuables while the servants moved in to the main house and kept it within themselves. Whenever visitors comes by, they had to tell them that Hadiza traveled and they don’t know when she was to come back.

Septic tank where Hadiza was buried

This went on till a policeman who was Hadiza’s neighbor suspected a foul play and had them arrested aside Abdullahi who ran away and taken to Ikoyi Station.

Some months later, Abdullahi  was caught and the case moved to the State Criminal Investigation Department Panti, at Yaba, that was when the septic was opened and her decomposed body was found.

An order from the High Court that the suspects along with their sureties should be released but it was later learnt that both the suspects and the sureties gave out false names and addresses.

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