Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing – First And Biggest African Owned Car Factory

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is an indigenous automobile  producing company in Nigeria owned by Chief Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma of Uru-Umudim, Nnewi,  Anambra State.


In February 2007, Chief Innocent teamed up with some Chinese manufacturers in producing commercial vehicles and had it displayed during the International Auto Trade Fair held at Beverly Hills Hotel in 2009.

Commission on October 15th 2010, under the regime of President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Peter Obi, Chief Innocent vowed that the Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing will produce vehicles that are both affordable and reliable for use.

With the manufacturing company established in Uru Umudim in Nnewi, Anambra State, the hometown of the CEO, the black-owned company manufactures almost all of the components locally with few being gotten from either Germany, Japan or China.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing has a mission to improve Africa’s and Nigeria’s economy via industrialization and also put and end to the importation of foreign used vehicles across the continent, and that seems to be a success-in-progress, as some countries in Africa, like Ghana, Mali, Sierra Leone and Nigeria are already using the brand name.

The Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has produced different kinds of vehicles for different purposes ranging from tricycles, SUVs, Salon Cars, Heavy-duty Trucks and the rest.
The company also have facilities ranging from the Dipping Vat of Astro Coat, the Oven, the Painting Section, Conveyor belt, Alignment section, Rain Test chamber and lots more.

Prices And Features Of Some Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing:

Innoson G5 Wagon – ₦12,390,000.00

Innoson G6 Wagon – ₦12,915,000.00

Innoson G40 Wagon – ₦17,325,,000.00

Innoson G80 Wagon – ₦27,825,,000.00

Innoson FOX – ₦7,665,,000.00
(SRS airbags. Nova-Link security system. Foldable mirrors. USB port for music.6.5-inch HD LED touchscreen. 4×2 – 1.5L engine capacity and FWD front-engine drivetrain, petrol.)

Innoson UMU – ₦8,000,000.00
( Nova-Link security system. SRS airbags. 4×2 – 1.5L engine capacity. Foldable mirrors. 6.5-inch HD LED touchscreen. EBS. German continental MK100.)

Innoson 4×2 Carrier – ₦9,400,000.00
(Airbags. Air Conditioner. Security gadgets. 2.4L Mitsubishi engine. Euro III with catalysator. Petrol.)

Innoson 4×4 Carrier – ₦13,860,000.00
(5-seater carrier. 2.7L engine. Revolving lights. Security gadgets. 100/5250 calibration power. 140km/h speed. 4 stroke cylinders. Petrol.)

Innoson 5000 bus – ₦9,400,000.00
(Music player. 14-seater bus. 2.4L engine capacity. Air Conditioner. Petrol.)

Innoson 6601 bus – ₦22,995,000.00

Innoson 6800 bus – ₦34,650,000.00
(6-speed manual transmission. Television. Air Conditioner. Music player. 33-passengers capacity bus. 133/2500 rpm engine performance. Diesel.)

Innoson 6857 bus – ₦27,700,000.00
(Automated Braking System. 6-speed manual transmission. 43-passengers capacity bus. A 2.7L engine with a tank capacity of 256 liters. Diesel.)

Innoson 5003 (8 tonnes swing arm truck) – ₦13,280,000. 00

Innoson 5251 (12 tonnes compactor truck) – ₦20,800,000.00

Innoson 5100 (road sweeper) – ₦22,520,000.00

The Innoson group has over 7300 to 7500 persons on their paycheck which includes Engineers, Machinists, Welders, other technical and non-technical workers.

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