Meet The Leader Of The Nation Of Islam, An African-American Movement – Louis Farrakhan (Louis X)

Born in 11 May 1933, in Bronx, New York, Louis Abdul Farrakhan, whose original name is Louis Eugene Walcott, is the leader of the Nation of Islam, also known as the Black Muslim – a black American organization that links elements of Islam with black nationalism.

Louis Farrakhan, also known as Louis X was born by a Jamaican father, Percival Clark and Mae Manning Clark from West Indies.
His family was moved to Boston when he was three, there he started attending violin classes at the age of five.
Farrakhan married his wife Khadijah Farrakhan in 1953 and are blessed with nine children together.

Having ventured into music as a professional vocalist, calypso singer, dancer, violinist and singer with the stage name “The Charmer” Louis X dropped hits songs like “Back to Back,” Belly to Belly,” “Jumbie Jamboree,” “A White Man’s Heaven Is a Black Man’s Hell” and many more.

In 1955 Louis Farrakhan was invited by his friend to listen to a speech by Elijah Muhammad who was the leader of the Nation of Islam and the second head of the movement after the founder W. D Fard.

Malcolm X urged Louis Farrakhan to join the Nation of Islam group which he did and had Elijah Muhammad changed the X in his name to the famous Louis Farrakhan.
With his effort in the NOI group and his musical career, Louis grew in ranks till he was made the national spokesman and national representative of the NOI and was appointed minister of the influential Harlem Mosque where he served until 1975.

After the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975, his son Wallace became leader of the NOI and Louis Farrakhan moved to the movement’s headquarter in Chicago.
Wallace Muhammad began a moderation program for the movement abandoning its Anti-white poise by allowing whites into the movement.

Louis Farrakhan became the voice of a group within the movement and raised members who opposed Wallace moderation.
In 1978, he quit from the NOI and formed a new group similar to Elijah’s NOI movement which was spread across the African-American community as well as opening mosques across America.

Farrakhan who earlier mandated his followers against political involvements endorsed and voted for Rev. Jesse Jackson, a presidential candidate in 1984 and urged his followers to do same in which Rev. Jackson reciprocated the favor by making an appearance as a guest speaker at the Muslim Savior’s Day rally held February 1984.

In March, Louis Farrakhan lashed out at an African-American reporter for the Washington Post, Milton Coleman, calling him a traitor after Coleman announced that Rev. Jackson made an offensive comment about Jewish community while speaking with campaign assistants.
Louis X reportedly made a statement, “One day soon we will punish you with death” in which denied later on.

Louis Farrakhan who once called Judaism a “gutter religion” and described Adolf Hitler “a great man.”
He also reported revived a loan of $5 million from the then Libya head of state Mu’ammar Qadhafi to establish Muslim institutions and businesses in 1996.

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