Is spitting a good or bad gesture? Check out the Massai tribe.

Spitting on someone, even if it was done mistakenly can cause fights, spitting from females has been a sign of pregnancy. Spitting, as a whole, has to be uncultured and can be tamed mannerless but, The Massai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania, with their cultural practice, has proven otherwise.


The Massai tribe is a tribe that exists in East Africa, in Kenya, and northern Tanzanian. One of their beliefs is that it takes a day to destroy a house, but it takes months and probably years to erect another one. So, for them, if they should destroy any of their cultures, it will take years and months to build another one, and as regards that, they try their best to maintain every cultural practice.


The Massai people consider spitting to be an act of reverence and blessing. They spit into their hands to shake someone, which means blessing and wishing the person good.


When there’s a newborn baby, the parents, and people who go to see this baby, spit on the baby to bless the child, and wishing the child long life.


When the women are about to get married, the fathers spit on their foreheads and breasts as a blessing before handing them to their husbands.

Spitting spreads diseases faster. Many people have condemned this act. Just like this pandemic is ongoing, if one of the tribe members contacted it, it would be effortless to spread amongst them.

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