Bayankole; The tribe that the bride’s Aunts have sex with the groom to test potency.


The bayankole tribe of Uganda takes the “aunts” to a whole new level. In African cultures, aunts are respected and almost seen as a mother. They are being given so many rights as aunts. People also get obsessed with being an aunt, just like the way people get obsessed with being a grandmother or a grandfather. Aunts are significant.

The bayankole tribe exists in the southwestern Uganda.

Aunts in African cultures are the ones that provide more advice when one is transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. It cannot be enjoyable because sometimes they tend to help and correct you more than your parents does.

The people of bayankole hold the Virginity of high esteem, very high that when a child grows up to about 8 of age. They restrict her from playing with her mates, being kept indoors, being fed with beef, millet, and forced to drink lots of milk to get fat. Fatness is synonymous with beauty.

When she starts developing her organs, she’s being warned to abstain from any sexual activity.

In this tribe, aunt’s are being taken to a new level. They run potency tests. They prepare their nieces for the marriage at hand and, most times required to sleep with the husband to validate his potency.

It’s also the aunt’s responsibility to check out or test the Virginity status of her niece. Then check the potency of the couple, which will warrant to her watching them involve in sexual intercourse or listen to them as they have sexual intercourse.

The father has to find a wife for his son and Pay the bride price. During the day of the wedding, there’s a feast in the bridegroom’s house where the marriage is consummated, which is after the tests her niece purity and sleeps with the groom to test his potency.

African cultures are unique.

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