Bumba; the god of vomit.

As he is popularly known, Bumba is the creator god in the religious mythology of central Africa. The boshongo/Kuba people of The democratic Republic of Congo. He is mainly called Mbombo. The God of vomit.

In the Mbombo creation myth, he was said to be a giant in form and white. That in the beginning, Mbombo was lonely. His loneliness was massive, that it was considered an illness. The illness was what caused the vomit. There was darkness and primordial water that covered the earth.

It happened that Mbombo felt an intense pain in his stomach, and he vomited the sun, the moon, and the stars. The heat of the sun caused evaporation of the water that was on earth, creating clouds, and after Time, the dry hills emerged from the water.

After that, he vomited nine animals: the leopard, called Koy Bumba. The eagle called ponga Bumba. The tortoise called Kono Bumba. A white heron called Nyanyi Bumba. An animal like a black leopard, called Tsetse Bumba. A scarab and a goat called Budi. A crocodile called Ganda Bumba. The fish called Yo Bumba.

After that, he vomited men, many men. In which one was called loko Yima and was white like Bumba.

It’s believed that these nine animals went on to create the world’s creatures. The heron is said to have created all flying birds except the kite. The crocodiles created all snakes and reptiles. The fish created all the fish. The scarab created all the insects, and the goat brought forth all horned animals.

Three of his vomited sons said they would take over and complete the creations of the world. The first to try, which is Nyonye Ngana, vomited white ants but died after vomiting them. It’s said that to honor him, the ants went deep into the earth in search of dark soil to bury him and, in the process, transformed the barren sand of the earth’s surface.

The second son Chonganda created the first plant, which birthed all other plants, trees, and forests. Chedi Bumba, the third son, created the Last bird, which is the kite.

It was said that Tsetse Bumba, the animal-like the black leopard, caused troubles on Erath, and Mbombo had to chase her into the sky, and she became thunderbolt.

Having delivered humanity, Mbombo retreated into the heavens leaving Yoko Lima to serve as God on earth.

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