Jessica Fry, The Black American Businesswoman That Owns Honey Hair Beauty Supply

Jessica Fry, the African American businesswoman that owns Honey Hair Beauty Supply

Jessica Fry, an African American businesswoman, is a native of Michigan who went to Pyeongtaek, South Korea in 2008 with an initial plan of becoming a teacher in other to raise funds and start her real estate business.

Jessica Fry, The Black American Businesswoman That Owns Honey Hair Beauty Supply
Jessica Fry [image credit:]
On arriving to South Korea, she resided in Pyeongtaek close to an Army and Air Force base. According to her, she diverted her interest in attending to people’s basic need.
She reportedly said she was inspired after reading an article on a blogsite that says “You can come to Korea and work and have not to pay rent,” in an interview.

After numerous findings on the right business to venture into, Jessica Fry opened her first business firm “Honey Hair Beauty Supply” that meets both the needs of everyone around Pyeongtaek – women in general and those mostly in the Air Force base.

Honey Hair Beauty Supply Shop
Honey Hair Beauty Supply Shop [image:]
Jessica Fry once said; “I intended to attend to the needs of every black woman around here. I expanded to meeting every” woman’s needs, even the Asian women. One good thing about me is that I’m a great buyer so I’m great at finding the trendiest things people needs.”

Jessica Fry became successful in her business with many sales daily and customers, making her Honey Hair Beauty Supply one of the largest business firm in South Korea.

She later opened a boutique store which the South Korean Government later bought to extended a public park close to the shop. Jessica never gave room to complacency as she alongside her husband opened a mini sandwich shop they called “Hungry Man Restaurant” but it was folded as it never went as planned.

With the little experience gotten from the previous business – the sandwich mini shop, Jessica Fry and her husband opened a big restaurant and named it “JJ’s American Dinner.”

JJ’s American Dinner
JJ’s American Dinner []
In an exclusive interview, Jessica Fry said; “The restaurant is focused on being just like the ones in America. It’s a fresh experience for the Koreans and a taste of home for the soldiers.”

Despite the unjust treatment of the black people in the country, Jessica Fry continues to thrive in her business adventures as she once reported of her plans of opening a natural and holistic health firm and owning a swimsuit boutique.

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