A Land Blessed With An Amazing Waterfalls – Short History Of Akamkpa Local Government

In Cross River State of Nigeria, Akamkpa is a Local Government Area in the Central Senatorial District that was founded was in 1976.

Akampka is the home of two ethnic groups; Ejaghama and Dusauga Iyoung and has a landmass of 4,930 square kilometers which is almost quarter of Cross River States’ 20156 sq kilometers.

Akampka consists of 10 districts;

  • Akamkpa Urban.
  • Uyanga. 
  • Ikpi. 
  • Oban. 
  • Awi. 
  • Iko. 
  • Eku. 
  • Mbarakom. 
  • Ojuk South. 
  • Ojuk North. 

By the West of Akampka is the Republic of Cameroon. They are surrounded by Odukpani and Akpabuyo Local Government Areas. Etung and Ikom lie in the North while Yakurr and Biase Local government Areas are situated in the northwest.

They are richly endowed with granite rocks which brought in many quarrying companies in the local government. They are good in the agricultural sector as they are also known for their major supply of cocoa, rubber, and palm oil in Nigeria.

Among notable agricultural estates in the local government are the Kwa Fall oil palm estate, Ayip Eku oil palm estate, Calaro oil estate, and Crel rubber estate.

Akamkpa Local Government has the largest forest that is fertile and is surrounded by rivers, streams, and springs which made them agrarians. They are also good at hunting and fishing.

The Akamkpa Area has health firms. The primary health care center at Oban and a General Hospital at Akamkpa Urban, the capital, and other private health institutions.
They have Akamkpa college of education and a science school built for in their area.

Akamkpa Kwa Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall that attracts tourist views to the locals government. The waterfall is in Anageje village in Akamkpa Local Government Area.

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